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Building Mental Wealth

Deep Self-Awareness| Positive Wellbeing| Confident Goal Achievement

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1. An abundance of self-awareness and mental wellbeing
2. A confident ability to create and achieve goals
Synonyms: success, tenacity, grit, determination
Antonyms: defeat, fear, doubt, procrastination

Online Mental Wealth Courses

Learn how to build your mental wealth by gaining access to our growing library of top-quality courses, downloads, programs, webinars, and ebooks. Topics cover all aspects of self-awareness, mental wellbeing and goal achievement. From basic information for beginners to the advanced science of metacognition, we have it all.
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I love the fact you so easily bring structure to my chaotic thinking and help me to have direction in my future.
Eleni Kiomourtzi
I still use techniques I learned from you and it has without a doubt helped me achieve greater success
Saku Hyttinen
I've been in the business world 33 years and have never heard the things you taught today. You have changed my life.
Misti Jackson

Our Founder

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Nancy Morris, CBP
Certified Business Psychologist

BuildingMentalWealth.com's Founder and Content Curator is Nancy Morris, a Certified Business Psychologist who has helped thousands of business professionals crush their inner critic and excel at work by focusing them on the science of mental wealth. She works 1-to-1 as well as 1-to-many in organizations as large as 10,000 people. Before starting her business over 20 years ago, Nancy worked in law, senior professional management, and the public sector. Nancy brings both her extensive experience and specialized education to every solution she provides.

Her flagship programs, The Morris Code™ and 2 Minute Mindset™, have been delivered to over 3 million people worldwide, sharing quick "attitudes and actions" of success. They are two of the many programs and resources available to students at BuildingMentalWealth.com.
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